Our Story

Creating a Scandinavian Jungle

Modern Savages grew from a coping strategy into a company 2020. The need for a green, tropical space to keep the cold, dark Swedish winter out resulted in a collection of extraordinary plants. When the collection outgrew the apartment, the three of us created Modern Savages, providing you with a tropical vibe at home.

We believe that healthy happy plants is a building block in a healthy happy home. That means we only sell healthy and strong plants with roots, no single leaves or tiny cuttings - just rooted plants. We only sell what we have - no pre orders.

We specialize in extraordinary plants and handmade artisan pots. At Modern Savages we are passionate about sourcing and growing rare plants. We get a kick out of helping others create their own extraordinary home unique plants and hand made ceramics. When you order your plants from us you buy healthy plants from within EU - that means no paperwork, short shipping and happy plants!

In the future we hope to offer the widest range of rare plants in northern Europe and a big selection of unique ceramic pots. We believe that plants makes people happy, in our store you can purchase a bit of that tropical happiness :)

These are rare plants and the selection and supply will vary. We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter or follow our instagram for the latest updates.

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